On the Cover of Oprah

We had been waiting in anticipation for months - did we make the cover of Oprah? We were told it was a possibility but nothing we should believe until we saw it with our own eyes. Until we did. And then fell off our seats.

Cover of Oprah


On the January cover of O, The Oprah Magazine, the legend herself is wearing a Crane & Lion OUTFIT: our original tights and racerback tank in caribou color. We have to admit, it looks great on her. To add to the excitement, the January issue is also the fitness and wellness issue which of course is right up our alley.

Oprah in Crane & Lion

We can guess why Oprah and her team liked these pieces enough for the cover:

  • Fabric: the right amount of thickness to allow for breathability and coverage at the same time. 
  • Fit: Our original tights have a slight high-rise and back side seam that are flattering for most bodies. The length of the racerback is longer (sits below hips) and doesn't have to be constantly tugged on. 
  • Color: neutrals are always in season, but especially this year women are wearing brown. It gives a relief from the typical black and grey and is unique in the fitness world. 

Recently Oprah became part-owner of Weight Watchers and is invested, literally and figuratively, in the mission of the company as they shift to an overall holistic wellness company (read more here). It will be exciting to see what this partnership brings in the near future. We applaud the dedication of Oprah to her own wellness and desire to help others through the journey.

Photo credits: O, The Oprah Magazine and Ruven Afanador