A Crane & Lion Donation Program

The warmer months are here and with that comes the cleaning of closets and updating of wardrobes. Many of us take old clothes to donation bins that we know nothing about or even worse, to the trash. Crane & Lion wants to provide the opportunity for you to donate the clothes you worked hard for (you worked hard IN them too) to a cause you can feel good about - in addition to getting a little treat back for yourself.

Bring your used leggings/tights/crops into one of our stores and in exchange you'll receive a 30% discount toward a Crane & Lion purchase. Your old leggings will be given new life and donated to the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation who then sells them (see below) to generate money that supports the work of Big Brother Big Sister mentoring programs. Your donations help to provide more than 16,000 children with adult mentors. You have to admit, it's better than what you might have done with your old tights.



When you are wanting a new pair of tights/leggings, just bring your old ones to our Crane & Lion store. They can be of any brand. Please use your good judgement when deciding what to bring in. No one wants to wear a pair of leggings with holes in them. Make sure they are in good enough condition for the next owner to work up a good sweat in. Once you bring in your item(s), you can get 30% off toward the same amount of items that you brought in. For example, if you bring in 3 leggings, you get 30% off 3 of our items. At this time, we are only holding the program at our retail store in Boston, but hope to expand upon this in the near future.



Your donations help to support more than 16,000 children by providing them with one-to-one friendships with adult mentors. They donate 100% of the net profits from your donations to mentoring programs. Donated clothes are sold to generate money that supports the work of Big Brother Big Sister mentoring agencies. They sell items in a variety of ways:

  • To thrift store chains throughout the United States
  • Through their own thrift stores, the Big B, located in Brockton
  • Through auction houses
  • At flea markets, like those in Raynham and Marshfield 
See the BBBS Foundation website for more information.