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our story


 Sisters. Mothers. Friends. Partners. crane & lion was built to serve the women who inspire us everyday. By pairing sumptuous fabrics with high-performing design, we aim to power your journey with balance, strength and style. 


 The women we celebrate support and nurture. Inspire, plan, do, create. They work hard. They have fun. They stay centered as they multitask to get it all done. These women motivate us to look at the world with kindness, to give back and be there for each other. In this spirit, crane & lion provides a versatile wardrobe that offers comfort and performance for the smallest task to the monumental missions, for the times when life pushes you to the edge and the moments when you pause in gratitude and rejuvenate your soul.

Our design philosophy incorporates hand-chosen fabrics and functional shapes to provide optimal movement, comfort and support. Understated, yet sophisticated details and colors deliver a presentation of taste and luxury. All this, rooted in community awareness and sustainable practices. Even our Peruvian manufacturer has been women-owned and led for decades.

As we find ourselves in the most unique of times, let us step into our power, together. From all of us at crane & lion, we are honored to be part of your journey.

our name

crane & lion are two poses in yoga. Crane is a pose that requires strength and stamina. It inspires us to take risks and find our edge. Lion is a breathing posture that helps us relax and relieve tension and strain. The juxtaposition of the two poses reflects how we live our lives: some days want to push the limit and other days, we choose to recover.

our roots

Nestled by the Bay, in a bustling city of ideas and energy, crane & lion finds its home in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to being the place where we grew up, Boston continuously delights us with its local fitness enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and design aesthetics.