Getting #Girls2Great

Our Connect & Contribute program consists of three organizations that dedicate themselves to the health, wellness and happiness of others. One of these organizations, Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, has a mission of helping girls realize their full potential through positive mentoring relationships with women.  They have created a one-to-one mentoring program where girls (Little Sisters) are individually matched with caring and committed volunteers (Big Sisters). 

Big Sister Boston

Their vision is to create a mentor-rich community in which every girl has access to the individual nurturing, guidance and support she needs to become a confident, competent and caring adult.  In other words, getting “girls 2 great”.

According to a report from Boston Public Schools:
   -  Only 69% of Black and Hispanic females students in Boston graduate high school in four years
   -  Just 51% of female students in Boston plan to go to college 

How can Big Sister change this? They already are. A 2011 survey of former Little Sisters indicated that girls served by a Big Sister are more likely to graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary education. 96% of Little Sisters graduate from high school and 90% of Little Sisters enroll in college. Big Sister serves more than 2,600 girls annually.

If you are interested in getting #girls2great there are many ways to be involved: becoming a big sister, making a donation, raising funds and more. Visit their website to learn about the many ways of getting involved.

As for us at Crane & Lion, we will be involved in many events throughout the year including getting “littles” (and “bigs”!) active. We all know that being active is important for not only physical health but mental health as well. A portion of our annual revenue is also donated back to the organization.

Photo: 2014 Big Sister of the Year, Jess Burday