Dress for Fitness Success in 2016

We've probably all noticed in the past that the clothing we put on in the morning and wear throughout the day can affect our mood. If we dress like slobs we might feel like well, slobs. If we dress sharply, we might feel more productive. This idea caught the interest of two researchers who coined the term "Enclothed Cognition" in their 2012 study. From their research they found that in fact, the clothes we wear affect our thinking and our actions.

The Atlantic covered the study in respect to athleticwear and how what we wear affects our state of mind (let's just ignore the brand name in this article and insert the word say, athleisure). This notion could explain the rise in popularity of athleisure and fitness apparel. If you dress the part, you are more likely to actually get a workout in. We at Crane & Lion have certainly embraced this notion.

 Dress for fitness success


“Your clothes represent your inner motivation and feelings. It’s a feedback loop—I feel good, so I’m going to wear the things that make me look good," says psychologist and personal trainer Susan Rudnicki consulted for the article. “I’ve seen that with clients who were heavy and waited to get nice clothes because they’re heavy,” Rudnicki says. “Don’t wait to get nice clothes. You’re allowed to feel good now, and that will help you lose the weight.” The Atlantic hits the nail on the head with writing "clothing that bridges the divide between activewear and streetwear means you’ll wear it more often—and by doing so, you might feel like going to the gym a little bit more often."

Moral of the story is, dress for success in being fit this year. Buy something that makes you feel good. Wear a fitness tank under a blouse. Dress up leggings when able to. Your trip to the gym after work might have a higher chance of happening.