Eating Healthy On The Go

For women on the go, it’s always a struggle to eat healthy. We want to feel good and fueled up for whatever our day may bring, but we can’t lug around a mini refrigerator with us each day. So we often revert to grabbing prepared, processed food that can add up – calorie and money-wise.

We put together a list of homemade and healthy on-the-go snacks and meals that are good for the desk-sitter AND the on-the-roader. These are all items you can throw in a food storage container, jar or bag. Stock up on a variety of small-size storage containers to make things easier for packing for the road. Some items require cool temperatures if not being eaten relatively soon so go ahead and buy a practically-sized thermal bag - it will be worth it.

 Recipe for overnight oats

• Mini frittatas: make at home in a cupcake pan with eggs, veggies and a little cheese.
• Overnight oats: in a jar or Tupperware (salsa and jelly jars work great). See simple recipe above or others at this site. There are some good ideas here but be aware some aren't as healthy as others
• Parfait: frozen berries mixed with plain Greek yogurt and almonds. The frozen berries will keep the yogurt cold for a while and be defrosted by the time you are ready to eat.
• Granola bars: make your own with oats, peanut butter, honey, dark-choc chips, raisins, etc. There are a lot of healthy recipes out there and the batch will last you for the week.
• Apple & nut butter: core the apple and cut in half. Fill middle with peanut butter or any nut butter then close back up to prevent browning
• Fresh fruit: Plain and simple. Cut-up and put in a tupperware.
• Dried fruit: buy or try to make your own!

• Wheat pasta salad: with chopped veggies, parmesan and/or feta cheese, oil and vinegar. This can also be made with rice, quinoa, etc.
• Whole wheat wrap: with veggies, avocado, cheese, hummus (or pesto), etc Don’t add anything too wet to prevent the wrap from getting soggy.
• Burrito: wheat wrap with rice, beans, cheese, spinach, avocado, hot sauce, Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), whatever else you want! If you have leftover sautéed veggies from dinner you can throw them in.
• Salad in a pita pocket: add dressing right before you eat. Use one of your tiny tupperwares for dressing. • Hard-boiled eggs: alone, in a salad or in a wrap
• Trail mix: make your own. Buy raisins, cranberries, unsalted nuts, seeds, dark-chocolate chips – whatever suits your fancy. • Homemade popcorn: buy kernels and make the popcorn in a pan over medium heat with a little coconut oil. Very easy! Eat alone or add to trail mix.
• Roasted chickpeas: with olive oil, salt, pepper. They won't be hot on the road but still a little crunchy and taste like French fries! • Carrots, cucumber spears or healthy crackers with hummus or baba ganoush (it's easy to make your own if you want to get really healthy)
• Celery with peanut butter