Let's Relax: Ideas on how to Unwind

Many of us feel like we have to justify doing nothing. Even if you're not a “workaholic,” you've probably felt guilty at some point for kicking your feet up instead of getting things done. It might seem like no one would need to be told to take a break, but many of us just plain aren't good at relaxing. Let’s flip the mindset up. Make it a priority to learn how to finally, really relax.

True relaxation is more than sitting back and watching TV or having a cocktail. Relaxation is a psychosomatic phenomenon of integration. Relaxation shifts the way your brain works, improves the way your body functions and evokes positive feelings with no adverse side effects. To relax is to rejuvenate your health on all levels.

Learn how to relax

So how do you relax? Here are some ideas that are sure to help you find your personal off switch:

• Begin where you are. Begin now. Without judgment, without analyzing, without excuses. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply as you count from one to eight, exhale completely as you count backwards from eight to one. Repeat as often as you like. It's that easy.
• Get outside. Take a walk. Enjoy the fresh air and be quiet in nature. Meditate – even if it’s for a minute. Before you get out of bed in the morning, take one minute and focus on your breath. When your mind starts to wander, refocus on your breath.
• Get lost in a book. Relax your body while feeding your mind.
• Treat yourself to a massage, acupuncture or some other type of bodywork. The healing power of touch will restore you.
• Go on a retreat. Dedicate a weekend, a week, even a month to simply being instead of constantly doing.

Nourish yourself with relaxation and make it a priority. Create a little space for yourself. You will be amazed with the benefits.