Brand Ambassador: Caitlin Milbury

Caitlin Milbury is our third brand ambassador and a fearless leader at exhale spa. Teaching both barre and yoga, her positive energy and dedication is felt in each and every one of her classes. She is one of those people that you can't help but love - which is why we are beyond excited to have her on board. 

Read more about Caitlin below and also at our ambassador page.

Caitlin Milbury

Q: What is your occupation?
Caitlin: Mind Body Manager at exhale Battery Wharf.

Q: What or who inspired you to become a barre and yoga teacher?
Caitlin: I began working at exhale under the impression that I would be pursuing a yoga teacher training. Yoga was the first group exercise that I participated in after being an athlete my entire academic career. It was not love at first sight, but once I found the right teacher for me, I was astounded at how much better I felt after doing it. However, at exhale, I was quickly distracted by the amazing fitness phenomena known as barre. I began drinking the Kool-Aid. No fitness discipline has ever transformed my body more quickly than Core Fusion barre and to this day I am an addict and take class religiously. I ended up pursuing Core Fusion teacher training and it was only after 4 years of teaching barre that I returned to pursuing my initial goal of teaching yoga. I am now finally enjoying the incredible balance of practicing and teaching both disciplines.

Q: How do you describe what you do and what do you love most about it?
I consider myself a teacher and a motivator. I help people increase strength in their bodies and a calmness in their mind. This provides them with greater self-confidence and peace. I love nothing more than when someone, who has committed themselves to exhale, comes to me to tell me how this program has changed various different aspects in their lives. It is endlessly rewarding.

Q: When you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, what gives you peace?
My heart says chocolate chip cookies, my head says take a yoga class, a nap, or read a book.

Caitlin Milbury

Q: What are your hobbies or passions other than being a fitness leader?
Recently I started writing memoirs about my childhood. I become consumed with these stories (I think they are hilarious) and I realize I haven’t moved in hours (something I rarely do). We spend so much time thinking about what is to come and I find it incredibly enjoyable to recall what has been.

Q: How would you describe your personal Style?
 My style depends on the day, but I'm a strong proponent of any workout clothes that I can quickly turn into an outfit that's appropriate for going out as well!

Q: Why did you want to be an ambassador for Crane & Lion?
I established a close relationship with this amazing company before they launched their line. They reached out to me to see if they could use Battery Wharf’s exhale studio to take a couple of pictures. Once I saw the beautiful clothing they offered, I quickly negotiated out of accepting money for the usage of the studio and into just getting one of those outfits! I love the Crane and Lion brand and all of their employees (who are exhale enthusiasts!). I considered myself a brand ambassador before they announced I really was and will consider myself one as long as they keep making clothing!