Beach-Ready Work-Out

With Summer in full-force, we did a round-up of outdoor workout moves that are designed specifically for the beach, so that you don't have to hit the gym to get a good work-out in. Look for the softer flatter patches of sand for these circuits and don't forget your sunblock!


alex on the life guard stand

Do two sets of each exercise, resting 30 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between exercises. 


The Beach Crawl
On soft, dry sand, lower into a plank position. Then crawl forward on your hands and feet for 30 to 60 seconds.

10-20 Drill
On a stretch of soft, dry sand near the water, take 10 quick running steps, followed by 20 slower running steps. Then jog back to the starting point on the hard, wet portion of the sand right along the water. Repeat two to three times.

Run, Run, Skip
On a stretch of soft, dry sand near the water, take two running steps then one skipping step. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds, then beach crawl (see above) or jog back to the starting point on the hard, wet sand along the water. Repeat two to four times.

Beach Chair Pull
Stand at the foot of a lounge chair with your back toward it and a partner standing about 25 yards away, facing you. Grab the bottom of the chair with both palms up, making sure your elbows are slightly bent. Then, run toward your partner as you drag the chair behind you. Beach crawl on soft sand (see above) or jog back on hard sand while your partner takes her turn.

Sand Lunges  
Step forward with one foot. Keeping your front knee above your ankle, lower to the ground so that your back knee brushes the sand. Then push up through the front foot, lift your back foot off the ground and use it to step forward into a second lunge. Do six to 12 on each side.

Squat Jumps 
Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and your fingers laced behind your head. Bend at the knees to lower yourself until your thighs are at least parallel to the sand, then jump up as high as you can. Sink directly into the next squat without pausing. Do a total of five repetitions. 

Shuttle Runs   
Make three parallel lines in the sand, 5 yards apart. Straddle the middle line with your knees slightly bent and your arms bent so your hands are in front of your thighs. Move to your right and bend at the knees to touch the line with your right hand, then run to the left and touch the far left line with your left hand. Then return to the middle and continue until you've completed four runs to each side. 



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