Being Active on Labor Day Weekend

Ideas on how stay active for summer's last hurrah.

Labor Day weekend is here! To celebrate (while crying inside) this weekend is usually filled with traveling, eating and socializing. It can be easy to forget or not have time for exercising or being active. Don't fall into that slump! Stay active even if it's for an hour a day and you'll feel much better about yourself. It doesn't have to be a traditional workout to burn calories. There are many fun ways to stay active while closing out the summer. Here are some ideas to get your motivational juices flowing.

Stand Up Paddle Board Crane & Lion

Running tour. Visiting a new town or city? Take a new spin on sightseeing and take a running tour. It really is the best way to see a new place - not only for the health benefits but you see things that you might not from a car or bus.

Stand Up Paddle Board. Sometimes referred to as SUP, this is a great way to get a fun exercise in. It may LOOK as though people are just standing out there on a board, but it works your core muscles to stay balanced. Your arms and legs also get the benefit too. Really looking for something different? Try to find a SUP yoga class.

Hike + Picnic. Head to some local trails and hoof it. Carry your lunch with you for some added weight and a delicious and nutritious treat when you reach your destination. Savor nature AND lunch.

Bike to BBQ. Headed to a BBQ? Or two or three? Bike it. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh warm air while we still have it, you'll be burning calories as well. Something to offset the burgers and dogs will be needed!

Extra Sweat at the Beach. See one of our other posts "Beach-Ready Work-Out" for how to get in some great exercises in the sand. No sneakers necessary.

Working out at the beach Crane & Lion

Walking the Zoo. If you have kids (or maybe not!) walking around at your local zoo can be a great way to have fun in the nice weather while also burning a lot of calories. Think about how much walking you do at the zoo while enjoying all the furry faces.

One Last Swim: This may or may not be your last chance to go for a dip. Take advantage and stay active in the water for as long as you can. It will be refreshing and rewarding.

Shop until you Almost Drop. Despite what your wallet says, shopping can be beneficial. The walking, talking and trying all add up to a lot of energy spent. Funds low? Window shopping can be just as good, and without the remorse.