Brand Ambassador: Evie O'Connor


Q: What's your occupation?

Evie:  I am a yoga teacher, studio manager and counselor for children and teens at Fairwinds Counseling Center.


Q: What inspired you to become an instructor and why?

Evie: My yoga practice has been an incredibly healing experience and my intention as a teacher is to guide people back to self love through the practice of yoga.


Q: How would I describe what I do and what do I love most about it?

Evie: Throughout all my roles, I empower people to become their own wisest teacher, to trust the voice of their intuition and to operate from a place of love instead of one of fear.  I view my work as helping people recognize their own beauty, strength and wisdom.

Q: When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed what gives you a sense of peace?

Evie: When I feel off balance I check in with the following aspects of my self: Am I hydrated? Have I been sleeping well? Have I been finding a way to sweat? Have I spent enough time in nature? Am I eating foods that make me feel my best?

Q: What are your hobbies or passions other than your job?

Evie: Anything outdoors! I love paddle boarding, recently been trying to surf. I love hiking, walking my dog and gardening.

Q: What's your personal style?

Evie: Eclectic, earthy, high-waisted

Q: Why did you become an ambassador?

Evie: Crane and Lion opened up in my town, and I really appreciated their initiative to connect with and get involved with our local community.  Through the ambassadorship, I hope to work closely with Kylie (the amazing Nantucket store manager) to create more wellness offerings for our little island.

Q: What is your favorite crane and lion piece?

Evie: The high waisted tight