Brand Ambassador: Sarah F. Sturges

Q. What does balance look like for you?

Sarah: These days balance has become more of a state of mind than a way of being.
Meaning…I don’t weigh myself down with masterminding of the “whats, whens and
hows” of things like eating, working out, practicing yoga, etc. To a large degree, balance
has been the byproduct of letting go, listening and then following my instinct.

Q. How do you describe what you do and what do you love most about it? 

Sarah: Ha!  It’s not easy.  I start with “I’m a yoga instructor” and then I talk about my being a Beautycounter Consultant and then I talk about my being a chef, a wellness consultant, etc…  From that point I take a cue from my inquisitor and talk about what is most interesting to him or her.  For me, all of these different hats I don are related.  What we do for our bodies, we do for our minds and vice versa. So the asana practice, eating well (and by that I mean enjoying our food), being mindful of what products we put on our bodies and how they effect the planet—they’re all part of living holistically.  I’m one-stop shopping these days!

P.S. It’s a little known fact that I’m a licensed esthetician as well!

Q. What is your go-to workout?

Sarah: Cycling outdoors unless weather doesn’t permit, then and indoor cycling class.  I can’t run as long, as fast or as far anymore and cycling allows me to cover more ground and really get into nature anyway.  Indoor cycling appeals to my competitive edge—especially being on the leaderboard in Flywheel.

Q. How do you de-stress?

Sarah: A walk in the woods or along the ocean always does the trick.

Q. Can you share an easy, healthy recipe that helps you power through your day?

Sarah: Hmmm…I’m not sure that anything I make for breakfast or lunch counts as a “recipe.” But as we’re approaching winter, I will tell you that I love oatmeal.  Not overnight oats, either, I want them warm and freshly cooked!  Stir 1/2 cup of whole oats into 1 cup of boiling water.  Then bring to a simmer and stir until desired thickness.  From there you can spice it up any way you’d like but my go-to is half a sliced banana, three or four walnuts (or pecans if I’m feeling decadent) coarsely chopped, a tablespoon or so of maple syrup or honey, a lot of cinnamon and just a teensy dash of ground cloves.

Q. Why are you excited to represent C&L as a brand ambassador?

Sarah: I’m excited because, although this company seems poised to be as widely known as any other yoga apparel brand in the marketplace, for me, it’s still a local company.  I like that, John, the founder has taken my yoga classes before his baby was even hatched.  But more than anything, I’m excited by Crane & Lion’s philosophy of mindfulness and their sustainable business practices.  I like that the fabrics are sourced from a woman-owned, Peruvian manufacturer and evolve into something useful and sophisticated—and that the thread that binds the first step to the next is integrity. 

Q. Can you share an easy, healthy recipe that helps you power through your day?


Q. Why do you think C&L is an interesting brand for women?

Sarah: I think the pieces are extremely relevant to modern life as a woman.  We like to exercise, to practice yoga, to go to work, meet with friends, play with our children, run errands, and so on and so forth.  We need a wardrobe that will take us to all these places in one day.  The silhouettes are classic, the construction is sturdy, the colors palate is soothing, the line is timeless—all traits we are juggling at all times.  So why shouldn’t we wear clothes that mimic those qualities while providing comfort and style to boot?


Q. What are your favorite pieces from our collection and why?

Sarah: If I’m forced to narrow it down, my favorite pieces are the cashmere hoodie—there was a time that a “cashmere hoodie” would have been oxymoronic, but this piece is the perfect juxtaposition of luxury and utility, the moto jacket—I think needs no explanation as it was love at first sight, but it’s impressive that something so cool can keep you so warm, and the french terry pant—a classy sweatpant is not only another oxymoron but the very definition of sprezzatura—an Italian word meaning, more or less, ‘curated effortlessness.’

Q. How would you describe your personal Style? 

Sarah: “Classic”—it changes with the wind sometimes but I’d like it to go on record as classic.


Q. Why do you you think Crane & Lion is an interesting brand for women?


Q. Is there anything in particular you like about the fall pieces?