Brand Ambassador: Shannon Hill

Q: What is your occupation?
Shannon: Yoga instructor
Q: What or who inspired you to become an instructor and why?
Shannon: My dad had been teaching and practicing yoga for several years before me and watching his life slowly evolve for the better was very inspiring for me to start down a similar path.  
Q: How do you describe what you do and what do you love most about it?
Shannon: Generally I teach an alignment-based style of yoga that uses breath to link movement, transitions, and poses. I love how alignment in particular raises our physical awareness which creates a foundation for us to become more aware and awake humans.  
Q: When you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, what gives you peace?
Shannon: Practicing restorative yoga and legs up the wall always helps me feel more grounded and calm. Also taking several deep breaths while focusing on my exhales helps with anxiety.
Q: What are your hobbies or passions other than job?
Shannon: I’m an avid traveler and I love discovering new places. I also enjoy plants, dogs, coffee, holistic skincare, and learning spanish.
Q: What is your personal style?
Shannon: Eclectic, bohemian, feminine, and quirky.
Q: Why did you want to be an ambassador for Crane & Lion?
Shannon: It’s inspiring to be part of a small group of awesome women on the island representing clothing that is both beautiful and functional.
Q: What’s your favorite Crane & Lion piece?
Shannon: The high waisted shorts are so comfortable :)