On the docket for fall

Some things new - and old - for Crane & Lion this fall.

- Frequent Collections - 
We'll be launching thoughtful "mini collections" throughout the year rather than bigger collections by season. We work hard on developing products all year long, so we're going to start releasing them to you that way.  Continuously providing you with new athleisure items to inspire your active life is MUCH more fun for everyone.  Also, shortened timeframes for producing an article of clothing allow us at Crane & Lion to be more nimble on what we bring to market, instead of needing to decide on designs months and months in advance.
Crane & Lion
- Factories + Fabrics - 
We're working closely with our amazing factories - in Taiwan, China and Peru - while exploring new factories to bring in different types of styles and fabrics. Different factories all have garments that they specialize in and we're not interested in taking the one-size-fits-all approach. Our Taiwan factory specializes in athleticwear, our China factory specializes in outerwear, and our Peru factory specializes in our pima cotton pieces.
Crane & Lion
Among other new materials, we're really excited about working with our Peru factory in using leftover high quality fabric and giving it a second life rather than it being discarded. When brands are finished with fabric it typically gets tossed and ends up in the landfill unless it can get repurposed. 
- NOT Out with the Old - 
Our most popular staples such as the wrap sweater and capri tight won't be going anywhere. Not only because we love them and created them for a reason, but because you love them. We've been asked - begged - to keep certain styles around unlike other brands who get rid of popular styles. Why do they do that? We don't know.
More on our collections, styles, factories and fabrics coming soon. Please stay tuned!