Our Waffle Crew

There are a couple ingredients that make our new waffle special: fabric that was reclaimed and a waffle knit that acts as a thermal barrier. Read below about what into making this crew and why it's worth indulging in.

Reclaimed fabric
We made our waffle crew using rescued deadstock fabric. What this means is we gave the thermal fabric a second life rather than it being discarded. Typically, when brands are finished with fabric, the unused portion gets tossed and ends up in the landfill unless it can get repurposed. After we saw and felt this beautifully crafted waffle knit, we welcomed it with open arms.

Crane & Lion waffle crew

Thermal knit
There’s no waffling around, this crew has a texture for a purpose. Did you know that the way a garment is knit can give it different functions? This crew, which is 100% cotton, is thermal due to it's namesake - the "waffleness" of it. The way this garment is knit creates a texture - the waffle - with pockets of air in between layers. This trapped air equates to pockets of protection for added warmth. Bring on the thermal chic.

Crane & Lion waffle crew

Our waffle crew comes in charcoal and microchip colors. Shop now.

*The model for our new waffle crew is our Crane & Lion ambassador, Erin Bailey.