Pima Cotton and our Peru Factory

Our cotton garments, including our pima cotton pieces, are all made in Peru at Peruvian Sourcing Group. PSG is a woman-owned and women-run factory (all 6 executives are women) in Lima. Founded 30 years ago, it has grown from a small business focusing on creating "basics" to a larger operation with 120 employees working with well-known brands in the fashion market. The culture and atmosphere of the factory speak for themselves with many of the employees being there since they opened 30 years ago.


Peru factory


The outcome of this history and leadership is quality garments we are excited about and proud to create at Crane & Lion. Our pima cotton pieces are soft like butter yet durable. The reason for this is two-fold: the make-up of the fiber and the process for harvesting. 


Peru factory


Pima Fiber
The fibers - or cotton strands - of the pima grown in the north of Peru are extra long and fine. This means a soft hand-feel, extreme durability and resistance to pilling. Quality of cotton is measured on length, resistance and fineness - all of which are high with pima. Translation: a super soft top that's going to last a long time.


Pima Harvesting
Peruvian pima cotton is picked by hand unlike most other cottons. This natural process prevents tearing and scratching of the fibers, leaving them whole and very soft to the touch. Basically, a smile for your skin.


Peru factory


We hope you enjoy living in our pima pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them.