Fitness Solutions for the New Year

People tend to forget that setting a resolution first means coming up with a solution to a problem. Many of us set lofty resolutions without knowing how to achieve them. Sometimes it can require some research and trial and error before you know what works.

Let's turn to the goal of becoming more fit this year. How are you going to do it? How are you going to stick with it? You probably don't know yet, but you can start figuring out the solution.

We have 5 ideas on how to get you started. We'd love to hear yours and share what works. When you find the solution that works for you, let us know! Email us at or post something on instagram at tag us (@craneandlion).

Scheduling fitness classes 

1. Sunday strategy: Take 10 minutes (or less) out of your Sunday - let's call it "me-time" - to think about your fitness for the week. Decide what days you will be working out and at what times. Look at class schedules, reach out to gym buddies, etc. Once you have a plan, type (or write) them into your calendars and enable notifications. If you want to take classes, sign up there and then so it's all set and you'll be less likely to cancel.

2. Clothing confidence: Invest in an outfit or two that you love. Pieces that will make you feel great and motivate you to move. Don't wait until you are fit to treat yourself. Do it now and it will help motivate you. See our other post about how fashion can influence fitness. 

 Set out your wardrobe


3. The wardrobe non-issue: Before bed, set out your clothes for a morning workout of pack your gym bag for an evening workout. If your clothes are set, you'll need less time in the morning to get out the door - always a bonus. Not to mention, it will be less daunting to prepare for the workout if you just need to slip the clothes on rather than digging through drawers, laundry and closets for an outfit.

4. Direct route: If you hit the gym in the evenings after work, don't go home first! Pack a gym bag and bring it with you in the morning (see tip 2). Head to the gym straight from work before going home. The likelihood of your workout happening will be much greater if you're not staring at your comfortable couch. For an added boost, wear your workout top underneath a blouse or sweater to work. That annoying gym change is already half-way done!

 Bed head


5. Beat the snooze: If you really want to make the morning fitness work, but have trouble getting out of bed, try to avoid the snooze button. How on earth do you do that? When your alarm goes off, instead of blindly hitting snooze, start counting back from 30 in your head. It will get your wheels turning and make you a little less sleepy. Once you get down to 1 you will most likely not have as much of an urge to roll over and go back to working on that bed head. Just put your feet on the ground and go from there.