Three Travel Essentials for your Beach Vacation

Written by Crane & Lion ambassador Anneliese Brosch

Tis the season for fleeing the cold weather and flocking toward the sun. No matter the beloved destination you choose – say Costa Rica, the Caribbean or Mexico – there are some travel essentials that you just can’t leave the house without. Unfortunately, many of us, use the terms "pack light" very loosely. We can't possibly survive the trip without one more bikini or pair of shoes, right? Of course, the packing struggle is real.

If this sounds like you, then you will be happy to know that many items can play "double duty" to save you luggage space. Perhaps even leaving you enough room to pack some extra clothes or supplies to donate in your destination through charities like Pack for a Purpose

Anneliese Brosch

Crane & Lion has a number of great items for travel that can play double duty, as I experienced first-hand on my last trip to Costa Rica. Below is the mileage each piece got me on the trip.

1.) Lightweight Capri Tight: These babies do it all. They are, debatably, the only pants you need to take with you.

  • Airport: Wear them on the plane ride to stay comfortable and maybe even do some airport stretches before or after a long flight. 
  • Beach: If you are going somewhere warm, sun protection is always a necessity (especially if you are coming from somewhere where your skin hasn't seen the sun for, what feels like, eons). These tights make the perfect surf leggings. You can surf/swim in them all day. They are quick drying and will keep your legs from getting burnt. Fun fact: If you get burnt the first day, the rest of the trip isn’t as fun. Be safe.

Swimming with lightweight tights

2.) Wrap Sweater: It's almost like it was designed for travel.

  • Plane: Everyone knows the scenario: you get on the plane. You're cold and the person next to you happens to think he/she is already in 90-degree weather so they have their "personal" fan blasting. Wrap sweater to the rescue. Not too heavy, not too light. Just what you need to keep cozy in-flight. Also, if you happen to enjoy sleeping on the plane, you can take one end of the sweater and wrap it around your neck for extra support and the other end can go over your face so that no one can watch you get your much needed pre or-post-surf beauty rest. 
  • Hotel: The wrap is also great for those nights after a long day in the sun when the temperature drops down a bit and your tanned skin needs a little extra warmth.

3.) Racerback Tank: Bring the basics. You can dress it up or dress it down and, once you fold it up, it takes up about as much room as one bikini.

  • Airport: Wear it under your wrap sweater while you travel and, not only will you look good, but you'll be cozy and it's one less thing to pack. 
  • At the resort: Toss it over a bikini with shorts on your way to the beach. Better yet, pair it with your "surf leggings" for added sun protection and you'll be ready to hit the yoga shala for an evening yoga class.

Of course, when packing for a trip, you'll bring a number of items with you. But if you were to only bring five things, let it be the three items above, a bathing suit and sunscreen!

May you pack light, travel often and be truly grateful. If you do travel with your Crane & Lion gear, please take a photo and send it to us or tag it with #craneandlion. We would love to see all the places our customers adventure to!